IT’S OFFICIAL! – Jason Lewis for Senate Secures $200k in Pledges in First 100 Hours

August 27, 2019

IT’S OFFICIAL! – Jason Lewis for Senate Secures $200k in Pledges in First 100 Hours

Woodbury, MN – Jason Lewis, candidate for U.S. Senate announced today that during the first 100 hours since launching his campaign for U.S. Senate on Thursday, the campaign had successfully taken in over $200,000 dollars in pledged contributions.

“While I am thrilled at the immediate groundswell of support for my bid to represent Minnesotans in the United States Senate, it is unsurprising when you consider Tina Smith and “the resistance” are pledging to implement a “Green New Deal” that would result in thousands upon thousands of pink slips for middle class Minnesotans. She’s also pledged to increase taxes on businesses and the middle class,” Lewis said.

“Tina Smith’s radical vision for Minnesota and our country is not only unacceptable, it’s frightening. This remarkable outpouring of support in our first 100 hours shows Minnesotans wholeheartedly agree. Not only will we have the resources necessary to compete and win, this campaign represents one of our Party’s best chances (if not THE best chance) to pick up a U.S. Senate seat in the entire country,” Lewis continued.

Accelerated by a backlash to the liberal left, Minnesota is trending Republican in the Trump era. Following decades-old trends, 2008 Republican presidential nominee John McCain lost Minnesota by more than 10%, followed by Mitt Romney’s 8% loss in 2012. In 2016, however, just like he did in other midwestern states, Donald Trump realigned Minnesota’s electoral map, barely losing the state by just 1.5%, the narrowest margin for a Republican since Ronald Reagan’s national landslide victory in 1984. Minnesota’s political realignment and new status as a battleground state are poorly timed for Senator Tina Smith, whose approval in last month’s Morning Consult poll sits at just 43%. Add in Jason Lewis’ built-in name ID and proven ability to outperform the top of the ticket, and a pathway to victory is clearly illuminated for Lewis.

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