Thank You & Never Stop Fighting

Thank You & Never Stop Fighting

November 5th, 2020

EAGAN, Minn. — U.S. Senate candidate Jason Lewis released the following statement.

“My thanks to all the Minnesotans who supported our campaign for freedom. In times like these, it’s always important to remember that though we may have lost the battle, the war may yet be won. Revolutionary War General Nathaneal Greene, who lost numerous conflicts (including one to Cornwallis in the key southern campaign) was nonetheless feared by his opponents. According to one author, “The British had no desire to beat him again. He charged too high a price.” 

And so did we. 

Our campaign, with your support, made Democrats desperately fight for Minnesota and we came within 5 points of a major upset with a third of the resources available to our well funded and corporate backed opponent. The simple fact is our efforts allowed for crucial victories elsewhere—by holding the Senate and gaining seats in the House, against all the predictions from the professional punditry class. 

Despite the outright lies by media partisans, those who still revere our Constitution have likely staved off a dangerous court packing scheme, stopped the possibility of endless one party rule by granting statehood to federal properties, held off national lockdowns and saved our 2nd amendment and the God-given right to self defense. 

Despite the overt gaslighting by big tech and their media prognosticators, we helped prevent a complete takeover of our federal government by fighting radicals here in Minnesota so they could be vanquished elsewhere. 

That said, we face serious problems. Minnesota has been deliberately transformed by its institutional elites and is looking more and more like a cold California governed by one party rule. But that’s what federalism is for. The scarier precedent is the forces arrayed against our republican form of government have successfully exploited a pandemic to fundamentally alter America’s voting procedures, thus plunging the country into chaos for their own political purposes. We have been warning about this for months and it has indeed come to pass. Let us hope it resolves itself with our nation intact.

I want to thank my campaign team for all their efforts over the last year and a half. These are great young people working to secure your future as well as their own. Most of all, I thank you for supporting a campaign that tried to unapologetically stand for those cherished American principles that will never go out of fashion with those of us who still value liberty.”