Smith Supports Biden’s Pledge to Abolish the Oil Industry?

Smith Supports Biden’s Pledge to Abolish the Oil Industry?

October 23rd, 2020

EAGAN, Minn. — U.S. Senate candidate Jason Lewis released the following statement after joining a press call this morning with Trump Campaign Manager Bill Stepien and Senior Advisor Jason Miller to discuss energy policy.

“Joe Biden sounds more like a tinpot socialist dictator than a major party nominee for the Presidency with his threat to abolish the oil industry last night. As usual, Senator Tina Smith remains silent on these comments, though we should all have reason to believe she supports them wholeheartedly, given the fact that she refused to vote ‘no’ on the Green New Deal when it was on the Senate floor and given that she has been willfully dodging questions on whether or not she supports Enbridge for years now.

“Enbridge Line 3 would create nearly 9,000 jobs and $19 million dollars in annual property tax revenue. And in the Twin Cities, the Pine Bend Refinery, which I used to represent in Congress, supplies more than half the motor fuel to Minnesota and over 80 percent of the jet fuel to MSP airport. And we’re supposed to just shut it all down? There are nearly 50,000 Minnesotans employed by the energy industry here in our state, and they are being told to pound sand, learn to code, and find another job if Joe Biden and Tina Smith win. Families who earn a livelihood off of the energy industry can be rest assured that Donald Trump and Jason Lewis will have their backs and protect them.”