Lewis Blasts “Manchurian Candidate” Smith for Financial Ties to Communist China

Lewis Blasts “Manchurian Candidate” Smith for Financial Ties to Communist China

October 16th, 2020

EAGAN, Minn. — In a recent editorial, U.S. Senate candidate Jason Lewis blasted Senator Tina Smith for her financial ties to Communist China, dubbing her the “Manchurian candidate.” According to the United States Senate Financial Disclosures Report from August 2020, Tina Smith’s husband owns between $50,001 and $100,000 in stocks for YUM! Brands, Inc. out of China, which held $2.1 billion in offshore tax havens and had 60 tax haven subsidiaries in 2017, and between $15,001 and $50,000 in stocks for Yum China Holdings, Inc. which held $1.5 billion in offshore tax havens and had 26 tax haven subsidiaries in 2017.  Additionally, according to FEC records, Smith’s campaign has taken over $70,000 this cycle from corporate PACs that outsource American jobs to China.  

In the wake of new emails showing Hunter Biden involved in a quid pro quo with Chinese Communist Party officials involving payment in exchange for a meeting with then-Vice President Joe Biden, it raises new and serious doubt about Democrats’ ability and willingness to get tough on Communist China if elected.

“For example, Senator Tina Smith would rather line her campaign’s pockets than ensure Minnesotans have the jobs they deserve. The fact is Senator Smith is reliant on donations from corporations who outsource American jobs to foreign countries. Just this cycle, Smith has taken over $70,000 from corporations with a proven track record of outsourcing jobs to Communist China. And it’s not just her campaign that is profiting from ties to China. Senator Smith’s husband owns as much as $150,000 in stock holdings of China-based companies that Smith is personally profiting from. No wonder she won’t get tough on China!

“Meanwhile, Senator Smith has delayed and criticized trade deals that would boost domestic production and continues to block efforts to bring jobs back to America, especially critical mining jobs in northern Minnesota. While we import 80% of rare-earth minerals from China, potential copper and nickel mines sit idle on the Iron Range, thanks to environmental radicals like Senator Smith. We could safely and responsibly mine for copper and nickel here, giving the Iron Range a massive economic boost, but Senator Smith would rather send those jobs to China.

“In contrast, President Trump and I are fighting for American workers, manufacturing, jobs and a strong economy. From miners to farmers, I will always put Minnesota first. There’s a clear choice this November for who will fight for Minnesota jobs and the economy, and it’s not Tina Smith.”