Lewis Calls for Property Tax Refund at Reopen Minnesota Schools Rally

Lewis Calls for Property Tax Refund at Reopen Minnesota Schools Rally

July 13, 2020

EAGAN, Minn. — U.S. Senate candidate Jason Lewis released the following statement after speaking at the Reopen Minnesota Schools rally on Saturday afternoon.

“It was great to see so many people—from parents to teachers to doctors—gather on Saturday at the Capitol to voice their support for getting schools reopened. We need to get our kids back in school this fall. This issue transcends politics. It’s not about right and left—this is about right and wrong. And, simply put, it is wrong to keep our kids isolated at home and not receiving a quality education.

If the Walz Administration and the Minnesota Department of Education don’t listen to the growing calls to reopen schools and are intent on keeping our kids at home this fall, then parents and taxpayers deserve their money back. They are paying for quality, in-person education—not Zoom classes! I’d also go a step further and say the federal government should be taking a serious look at districts that don’t reopen this fall. If they aren’t using the funds to educate their students, why should they —instead of taxpayers— get the money?

Politicians are always saying that our kids are our future, and we need to stand up for them. This is certainly the case in this scenario. Senator Tina Smith’s continued silence on this issue is disappointing. If she cared about the well-being of our young people, she would be joining us in advocating for the reopening of schools.

It’s time the question is put to Senator Tina Smith: ‘Do you support our children returning to school, or do you stand in favor of a never-ending, open-ended lockdown?’ Rest assured, I will not let Tina Smith off the hook on answering this question, and neither will the parents, teachers and students who want this lockdown to end.”