Lewis Backs Trump Housing Deregulation Plan

Lewis Backs Trump Housing Deregulation Plan

July 1, 2020

EAGAN, Minn. — U.S. Senate candidate Jason Lewis released the following statement applauding HUD Secretary Ben Carson’s announcement to scrap the Obama-era “fair housing” rule saddling local units of government with 92-question checklists before they can develop housing in their communities. The 2015 Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing quota hamstrung local units of government with regulatory burdens that help create housing shortages in first place. President Donald Trump also expressed his support for the deregulation plan in a tweet last night.

“The Trump Administration’s plan to deregulate housing is a great step towards undoing the Obama-era regulations that have burdened the housing industry across the nation. Now, Minnesota needs to go further and scrap the unelected Metropolitan Council who has adopted a similar housing schemes in their MSP 2040 ‘master plan’ for the Twin Cities. Local officials shouldn’t have to get permission from bureaucrats who map census tracts and analyze housing stock for ‘affordability’ before they can develop their own neighborhoods. Time consuming obstacles, along with so-called ‘smart growth’ policies that limit cheaper housing in the name of high-density development in mass transit corridors, have led to an increase in suburban crime and the housing crisis in Minnesota.

The real answer is to undue the onerous land-use rules and regulations driving up the cost of homeownership. The inevitable housing bubble that followed these rules might have been great for real estate investors and the wealthy who already own property, but it’s been horrible for first time buyers. A recent Housing First Minnesota study showed that up to one-third of a new home’s price in the Twin Cites comes from fees and regulations, making it next to impossible to build a single-family home in the metro area for under $375,000.

The end of single family zoning in Oregon, California, Minnesota, and North Carolina replaced by ‘multi-family’ housing is a deliberate ploy by urban planners to end the American Dream and attack the suburbs. That’s why I fought and succeeded in reining in the Metropolitan Council while serving in the House of Representatives, and I will continue that reform in the Senate, especially by requiring that board members be elected by the public and not appointed.

It’s time to make the American Dream accessible and safe again.”