Senator Cotton’s Ad Buy Latest Evidence MN is a Major Battleground State

Senator Cotton’s Ad Buy Latest Evidence MN is a Major Battleground State

June 24, 2020

EAGAN, Minn. — U.S. Senate candidate Jason Lewis released the following statement on Senator Tom Cotton’s digital ad buy targeting Minnesota.

“Minnesota is quickly becoming the battleground state of 2020. Once reliably blue, the DFL’s radical plunge into lawlessness and Socialism, as well as the results delivered by President Trump and the Republican Party to cut taxes, bring jobs home from China, and get better trade deals for our farmers have made Minnesota a swing state, including my race for Senate against radical Tina Smith that continues to receive national attention. Having only lost by just over one point in 2016, President Trump has shown that statewide victory for Minnesota Republicans is within our grasp. A recent Star Tribune poll even showed a neck and neck race between President Trump and Joe Biden.

The latest proof of Minnesota’s competitiveness is Senator Tom Cotton’s new digital ad buy targeting the state. Senator Cotton’s ad highlights the abject failure of Joe Biden and radical Democrat leaders to control the mob. From Tina Smith encouraging further protest at the height of the riots that torched our cities to saying there’s something inherently dangerous about police officers, Democrats have alienated Minnesotans of all political stripes. This is no longer your mother and father’s DFL Party. The Democrats are losing their grip on the state, and, with the help of people like Senator Cotton, Minnesota is going to go red for President Trump and me this November!”

Watch the ad here.