Lewis Launches New Ad Buy: “Where’s Tina?”

Lewis Launches New Ad Buy: “Where’s Tina?”

Lewis Blasts Smith’s Senate Floor Comments on Thursday, Calls On Media To Do Its Job

June 12, 2020

EAGAN, Minn. — “Defunding the police is the worst thing we can do. Tina Smith should be speaking out against these dangerous proposals,” said U.S. Senate candidate Jason Lewis in a new digital ad buy entitled “Where’s Tina?” Lewis added the following statement on Smith’s ongoing refusal to condemn efforts by radical Democrats to dismantle the Minneapolis Police Department as well as her comments on the floor of the United States Senate yesterday:

“Senator Tina Smith finally broke her streak of silence yesterday, but not by condemning the dangerous proposal by radical Democrats to abolish the police department. Instead she took to the floor of the United States Senate to say there’s something ‘dangerously wrong with the role police play in society,’ and that feeling relieved when police arrive is ‘about privilege.’ As the husband and son-in-law of former St. Paul police officers, but also as a proud American who supports public order, I was appalled by these comments.

While Tina Smith is nowhere to be found, I’ve been meeting with many small business owners in Minneapolis and St. Paul whose businesses were burned and destroyed to ask them how they feel about abolishing the police department. Unsurprisingly, they find the proposal to be nothing short of insanity. Tina Smith needs to be held accountable for her brazenly hostile comments toward all police officers and her refusal to condemn the efforts to defund and dismantle the police department. So today I am proud to announce we are launching a new ad buy called “Where’s Tina?” to do just that.

The press needs to start asking Senator Smith, ‘Why aren’t you speaking out against these dangerous proposals to defund and dismantle the police department?’ The voters of Minnesota and I eagerly await the media’s long overdue inquiries and Tina’s response. The safety of our communities and the future of our country is on the line.” 

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