The Rule of Law is Under Assault,” Lewis Tells Small Business Owners

The Rule of Law is Under Assault,” Lewis Tells Small Business Owners

June 11, 2020

ST. PAUL, Minn. — U.S. Senate candidate Jason Lewis released the following statement after spending the day on Thursday visiting businesses in St. Paul that were destroyed by arsonists. This is a continuation of Lewis’ recent visits to Minneapolis businesses devastated by the recent riots.

“Today we continued our tour of the devastation of businesses and communities across the Twin Cities. One of the stops was Lloyd’s Pharmacy on Snelling Avenue. Jim Stage recently purchased the business, which has been serving the community since 1908, to fulfill his lifelong dream. But now his dream has been reduced to rubble due to looters and arsonists that were allowed to run roughshod over our communities. It is a similar story for Bole Ethiopian Cuisine where owners Solomon Haile and Rekik Abaineh have seen years’ worth of blood, sweat, and tears go up in flames. It was Rekik’s dream to share her love of Ethiopian cuisine with others, and together her and Solomon built a restaurant that became a local favorite. They were a perfect example of the American dream, and now their business is completely destroyed.

For those calling to defund the police—or ‘reimagine policing’ as Senator Tina Smith likes to say—they need to look no further than our own communities to see the consequences of anarchy. As rioters were destroying businesses, the police were given orders to stand down. This is what it looks like when public order is abandoned. This is the greatest abdication of responsibility I’ve seen in my lifetime, and the Democrats that control these cities have a lot to answer to.

Without public order, the mob will control the neighborhood and with it your freedom. Whether it is looters and arsonists destroying businesses, or rioters taking down statues at our Capitol, we’re seeing firsthand what it looks like when anarchists take over and demand complete conformity. And under Minnesota Democrats, from Governor Tim Walz to Senator Tina Smith, no one from the government will be there to stop it. Property, free speech, and the rule of law are all under assault. When no one pushes back against a mob, you get more of them. Our leaders are putting Minnesotans’ rights in jeopardy by failing to enforce public order.”