Tina Smith Calls Minnesotans Racist While Jason Lewis Calls for Order

Tina Smith Calls Minnesotans Racist While Jason Lewis Calls for Order

June 1, 2020

Jason Lewis is now the Republican Party of Minnesota’s nominee for the U.S. Senate. He accepted the Minnesotan GOP endorsement on the last Saturday of May.

As the former Representative of Minnesota’s 2nd district, Lewis has developed retuation as one of the more conservative voices in the Nation. He recently appeared on Fox & Friends, articulating and expressing the Minnesotan Democrats’ failure of leadership and negligence of duty.

“Today,” Lewis says, “I am honored to accept the endorsement of the Republican Party of Minnesota. Minnesota is in a state of crisis. And at no time in my lifetime has the need for change been more painfully evident. Our state and its citizens have been devastated by overreaching economic lockdowns on hardworking Minnesotans and now rioting and arson in the streets. Make no mistake, this is a result of decades of failed liberal policies. And no one represents that failure more than Senator Tina Smith.

Lewis was incredulous to find out that “Tina Smith unbelievably called Minnesotans racist and brazenly encouraged, after four days of riots, more of what she called ‘righteous protests.’ This is irresponsible and inflammatory, and I call on her to apologize and retract both statements.”

The Republican nominee Jason Lewis demands that “we begin the process of healing our state.” And for Lewis, that means “restoring jobs on the Iron Range, securing our borders, holding the communist regime of China accountable, and restoring law and order to our streets. Only commonsense leadership and balance in the U.S. Senate will do that. I intend to provide that balance.”