Lewis Says Walz’s Actions Are ‘Not Nearly Enough,’ Doubles Down on Lawsuit

Lewis Says Walz’s Actions Are ‘Not Nearly Enough,’ Doubles Down on Lawsuit

May 20, 2020

WOODBURY, Minn – U.S. Senate candidate Jason Lewis released the following statement on Governor Tim Walz’s press conference today:

“Nothing Governor Tim Walz said today had any effect on the concerns we raised in the lawsuit we’ve filed. For the sake of all Minnesotans as well as our campaign, we look forward to making our case in court.

For some reason the Walz administration—and Tina Smith, who remains AWOL while Minnesota small businesses ask for help—continues to take inadequate baby steps towards restoring Minnesotans’ civil liberties. Giving small business permission to operate at a loss at 25 or 50% capacity without a clear end in sight does little to relieve the economic desperation we are seeing across our state.

Additionally, the restrictions remain glaringly inconsistent. Restaurants can take up to 50 people with reservations in advance on their patio, but indoor establishments get even less relief. Churches as well as other gatherings are still limited to 10 people. The government shouldn’t be in the business of picking winners and losers!

This never ending one-size-fits-all economic lockdown has to end. Having visited dozens of small business owners on my ‘Reopen Minnesota for Business’ tour in recent weeks, I can say with certainty that Governor Walz’s continued blanket restrictions completely disregard the different situations on the ground across Minnesota—at the expense of restaurants to salons, family farms to retailers.

This isn’t just a battle to reopen Minnesota. This is a fight for our fundamental liberties. Attorney General William Barr was right when he said ‘there is no pandemic exception’ to the Constitution. The Governor’s continuation of unilateral guidelines did nothing to change that.”