Lewis Dubs Senator Tina Smith the “Senator From China” After Q1 Reviewing Finance Report

Lewis Dubs Senator Tina Smith the “Senator From China” After Q1 Reviewing Finance Report

May 14, 2020

WOODBURY, Minn. — U.S. Senate candidate Jason Lewis released the following statement slamming Senator Tina Smith for taking massive campaign donations from corporations that outsource to China. Just this cycle, Smith has received over $40,000 in contributions from corporations with direct ties to China. It is no wonder Smith refuses to hold China accountable when she is beholden to companies that profit from sending American jobs overseas.

“China is responsible for this pandemic. This isn’t xenophobic – these are simply the facts. And every day China’s failures in handling the virus become more apparent, with new reports that this virus escaped from a lab.

From day one, the Chinese Communist Party intentionally deceived the world on the extent and severity of the virus. And now there is growing evidence that the virus didn’t just start in China but was unintentionally let out of a lab in Wuhan. If this is indeed the case, China is responsible for every single life lost because of the virus and every dollar spent fighting this virus.

China’s culpability is obvious to most Americans. And we must hold them accountable. One way we can punish China for their actions is by bringing our supply chains home. There is no reason we should be dependent on China for vital industries. Let’s end our reliance on China and bring those jobs back to the United States.

For example, we import 80% of rare-Earth minerals from China, while potential copper and nickel mines sit idle on the Iron Range, thanks to environmental radicals like Tina Smith.

Tina Smith supports sending our jobs overseas, plain and simple. Ultimately Tina would rather line her campaign’s pockets than ensure Minnesotans the jobs they deserve. The fact is that Tina is reliant on donations from corporations who insist on outsourcing their manufacturing to foreign countries. Just this cycle she has received over $40,000 in campaign contributions from companies with direct ties to China. No wonder she refuses to hold China accountable – she is happily taking cash from companies who outsource American jobs there.

Tina Smith is acting more like the Senator from Manchuria, not the Senator from Minnesota. That’s why I’m calling on her to return all donations she has received from companies who outsource to China. Minnesotans need someone in the United States Senate that represents Winona not Wuhan. When I’m your United States Senator, I will always put Minnesota and America first.”