Lewis Seeks to Help Struggling Business Owners in Crosslake

Lewis Seeks to Help Struggling Business Owners in Crosslake

May 4, 2020

WOODBURY, Minn — On Saturday, U.S. Senate candidate Jason Lewis held a small business roundtable in Crosslake. Nearly two dozen business owners were in attendance, representing a wide variety of businesses in the Brainerd Lakes region. The roundtable was hosted by Mike and Ruth Schweiters at their resort, Boyd Lodge. Founded in 1934, Boyd Lodge has been in their family for three generations.

“Here in the ‘land of 10,000 lakes,’ cabin season is a part of our way of life. For over 60 years, my family has enjoyed summers in Crosslake on the Whitefish Chain. Sadly, many of the great mom-and-pop resorts here in Crosslake and around the state are on the brink of bankruptcy due to this government-mandated shutdown,” Lewis said.  

“I spoke with business owners in the Brainerd Lakes region on Saturday, and they all share the same concern. Summers in Minnesota are short, and resorts and small businesses rely on the summer tourism to keep their doors open. If we don’t get Minnesota re-opened soon, they might have to close their businesses for good. Many of these resorts have been in the family for generations—lifetimes of work could go down the drain if we don’t get Minnesota working again. We can’t let that happen,” Lewis added.

“This next two-week extension of the stay-at-home order needs to be the end of this. Resorts need to be able to re-open. Restaurants should be able to have their outdoor patios open for dining. People should be able to get out and enjoy their favorite Minnesota lake. All these things are possible to do safely and responsibly, while making certain we protect the vulnerable. Senator Tina Smith needs to stop cowering in place and stand up for Minnesotans who risk losing their life’s work. To deprive Minnesotans of the right to earn a living is not being a good leader,” Lewis concluded.