ALPHA NEWS: Jason Lewis Reproaches Democrat for Politicizing Coronavirus

ALPHA NEWS: Jason Lewis Reproaches Democrat for Politicizing Coronavirus

John Lucke

U.S. Senate candidate Jason Lewis released the following statement and accompanying video regarding the coronavirus:

“We as Minnesotans and Americans have faced our challenges over the years, and this new coronavirus certainly qualifies. But we’ve never met a challenge we didn’t overcome. While there will be some disruptions to daily life, it’s not a time for panic. Remember that the measures being put in place are for the greater good: to halt the spread of the virus and protect the most vulnerable among us.” 

Lewis continues, saying, “thankfully the Trump Administration cut off China travel early, and now it has been extended to other hotspots in Europe and beyond, which is a good step. We need a modern-day Marshall Plan to swiftly develop a safe and widely available vaccine for this virus.  Additionally, Republicans and Democrats must join together to suspend payroll taxes and ensure disruptions to our economy are minimal. Continued efforts should be made to ensure reliable test kits are widely available.

This virus has also revealed the other side of globalism. We’ve outsourced critical industries like our medical supplies, devices, and prescription drugs to China. Even the Department of Defense outsources to China. This must stop. We need policies to make certain that we’re going to be safe when we need these vital industries most. 

This isn’t a time for baseless, partisan attacks. Whether it’s Joe Biden’s ridiculous claim that the President’s response has been “xenophobic,” or Senator Tina Smith’s repeated, hyper-partisan attacks on the President, it needs to stop and it needs to stop today. In one breath Senator Tina Smith says we shouldn’t point fingers or blame, and in the next breath she launches blistering, personal attacks against the Administration. Enough is enough, Senator. Let’s put aside our differences and work together. Only our nation’s collective cooperation, determination and resolve will ensure this virus is in our rear-view mirror as quickly as possible.”

You can watch the full video of Lewis’ address here.

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