FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Congressman Emmer Endorses Lewis For Senate

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Congressman Emmer Endorses Lewis For Senate

February 21, 2020

WOODBURY, Minn. — U.S. Senate candidate Jason Lewis announces the endorsement from Congressman Tom Emmer (MN-06).

“I couldn’t be more appreciative to my friend Congressman Tom Emmer for endorsing our campaign for U.S. Senate,” Lewis said. “From Medicare for All to post-birth abortion, there has never been a more extreme Democratic Party. Radicals in the Democratic Party, like my opponent Senator Tina Smith, are a clear and present danger to our Minnesota way of life, and must be defeated.”

“A united Republican Party can and will defeat the radicals who have hijacked the Democratic Party. That is why I am honored to receive Congressman Emmer’s support. Now is the time to right the ship, and this all starts at the February 25th precinct caucuses,” Lewis concluded.

Emmer, a three-term Republican representative from Minnesota’s sixth congressional district, announced his support Thursday with the following statement.

“This is an important election. Now that a new Socialist majority has taken over in the U.S. House, this arguably is one of the most important elections in history,” Emmer said. “We must win. The future of our Republic is in the balance. Future generations of freedom-loving Americans are counting on us. This is why, as a Minnesotan, I plan to caucus for Jason Lewis for U.S. Senate on February 25th.”

“I appreciate everyone who is willing to run, but I know Jason and his wife Leigh personally and I’ve worked with Jason in Congress and on the campaign trail. Jason can and will win! That’s why I endorse Jason Lewis for U.S. Senate,” Emmer concluded.