FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Lewis Vows Continued Fight for Second Amendment Rights

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Lewis Vows Continued Fight for Second Amendment Rights

WOODBURY, Minn. — In the wake of Tuesday’s Senate hearing in Hibbing, the peaceful protest for Second Amendment rights in Virginia, and the proposal for a ‘sanctuary county’ in Minnesota for protecting law abiding gun owners, U.S. Senate candidate Jason Lewis issued the following statement Wednesday on his long-standing support for the right of self-defense. 

“Ever since liberal icon and retired Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens called for repealing the Second Amendment in a New York Times editorial, liberal Democrats have been acting as though that radical vision will play with voters. Newsflash: it won’t,” said Lewis.

“The Democrats’ prescription of more regulations fails to address the underlying and troubling conditions that continue to cause violence. Few, if any, of the new regulations being proposed would have stopped the shootings we all lament. And from Chicago to Mexico City, those communities with the most stringent gun control laws are often those plagued by the highest levels of violent crime. There are reasonable steps we can take to strengthen background checks and make certain those with mental illness get the treatment they need without repealing the inherent right of self-defense our Constitution safeguards,” said Lewis.

“The Supreme Court has twice held that gun ownership is an inherent individual right in our Constitution, and, unlike my opponent Senator Tina Smith, I intend to support judges who will uphold this vital precedent,” Lewis concluded.