PRESS RELEASE: Tina Smith Accepts Huge Sums of PAC dollars

PRESS RELEASE: Tina Smith Accepts Huge Sums of PAC dollars

Today, Jason Lewis, Republican candidate for the United States Senate, lambasted United States Senator Tina Smith for accepting huge sums of PAC dollars and special interest money. The campaign also announced year to date fundraising totals, having raised just shy of three quarters of one million dollars between August 22 and December 31.

“Our campaign is powered by small dollar, grassroots donations from everyday Minnesotans, having just received financial support from all 87 counties in the fourth quarter. Tina Smith on the other hand, continues to rely on Wall Street and D.C. lobbyists to prop up her campaign, with over 40% of her money coming from special interest PACs, according to her last report,” said Lewis.

Year to date, Jason Lewis for Senate has raised just shy of $750,000 dollars.

In the fourth quarter, Lewis’ campaign raised an additional $310k+, powered by grassroots donations from all 87 counties.

Tina Smith continues to rely on D.C. insiders with over 40% of her donations coming from big corporate PACs, according to her last report. Lewis, on the other hand, relies on small dollar donations from everyday Minnesotans.

History tells us that it will take a lot more than Tina Smith’s D.C. special interest dollars to beat Jason Lewis. In his first race for the House in 2016, Democrat Angie Craig raised nearly 5x that of Lewis ($4.8 million to $1.0 million). With a strong grassroots campaign and President Trump atop the ticket, Lewis won by 2%, and will utilize that same formula for success in 2020. 

The historic investment in Minnesota by President Trump dramatically alters the campaign’s fundraising paradigm – and Tina Smith knows it. The historic and unprecedented investment by President Trump’s campaign and the RNC on advertising, staff and infrastructure are having a game-changing impact on Minnesota’s U.S. Senate race – just take it from Minnesota Democrats:
“The Trump campaign is staffing up in Minnesota in ways we’ve never seen before, and frankly, we just can’t keep up. Trump and the GOP already have over two dozen staffers on the ground, and are promising more, and have already trained over 600 volunteers in Minnesota! In 2016, he spent $30-40k and lost by only 1.5%. In 2020, he’s spending TENS OF MILLIONS.” – @MinnesotaDFL, October 7th, 2019

One more thing. The President’s endorsement and support of Jason Lewis will prove to be invaluable: “I am also proud to endorse your next Republican Senator from Minnesota, a man that I’ve known, a man that is tough and smart; a man running against someone who’s never done a damned thing in the Senate: Mr. Jason Lewis.” – President Donald Trump on October 10 at a record setting rally in Minneapolis.